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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School on Wednesdays!

Great day at school today I ended at 11 am because I don't have math class anymore it was too hard and they think since I don't even know the language yet and the math is calculus that it would be better just to not have it at all and have off periods! SO I AGREED for now at least until I learn more of the language!

WOW! all of my weekends have been packed this month!

Starting out with Liege on the 2nd

Then 3rd going to the pool with my brother Clement and My father's Brother Bernard.

Sunday the 4th I don't remember but I do remember I was tired then.

Last weekend I had my Village party of Esneux beer, games, and petanque which is a game where you have a little ball the size of an avacado center and you have 2 metal balls that weigh approximately 3 or 4 pounds not too heavy but a good amount of weight. You throw those two balls closest to the small ball kind of like horseshoes without the horseshoes and the peg thing. It's hard to explain but when I come back I will teach everyone.

Last weekend all weekend Friday I went to a party in Tilf and met with my Belge and Rotary friends.

And Saturday and Sunday (1   0-11) we had our Village party

This weekend friday (16) I am seeing Van Damm which is an athletic conference and my families are into working out cycling running soccer beer. So its a big conference where all olympians meet and practice and also run races and Usain Bolt is going to be there, this is in Brussels.

Saturday (17) a big band in Belgium (Puggy, search them on youtube) will be playing in Liege for free at a big festival and I will meet my friends of Belgium and Rotary and hang out listen to some Alternative Rock and have a great time.

Sunday (18) one of the biggest artists in Europe (Belgian Dj) will be performing at liege for free! His name is Stromae also search him on Youtube. So I think I am meeting friends or going with my family.

Then the weekend after that Friday-Sunday (23-25) MY BEST FRIEND ELIAS is coming to visit me for the weekend and we will go out to liege and celebrate with other friends, belge and rotary!

And finally the weekend after that is David Guetta in Nandrin Belgium which isn't too far from me thats on Friday september 30, after the concert my friend Katie is spending the night at my house for 3 days and we will just chill out and maybe go to liege!

FUN! I find it hard to find time to meet with all of my friends because all of my weekends are packed so I tell a lot of them no a lot but I will eventually get all this sorted out.

But as of yesterday, I have officially been here for a month and loving it!!!! Nope not homesick yet! But I do miss my friends and family! :)


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