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Monday, August 15, 2011

I love Belgium!

So two nights ago I arrived and thought this place was just like Colorado but then I saw the houses and they are so pretty! I feel like I am in Italy! Yesterday I met with all of my host families and had a great time eating and laughing but not knowing anything they are saying until one of my host brothers Marco or my host father Francis translated it to me. After that we went to Liege around 8 ish and I finally got to see the part of the Belgian culture where you have fun and meet people and party! It was a huge festival celebrating Mary (Jesus's Mom) so everyone had a good time! YEP then I came back and pasted out I had a good two days so far now today I get to go to Marco's friends house to play cards and to hang out like we did yesterday on the soccer court! I brought a football and they seem to be really interested in it, but don't really know how to play or throw it! I will teach everyone soon enough I just have to get rid of my jet lag and settle in a bit! We will see what happens tonight! Yet another party in liege, I am super excited! I haven't been able to take much pictures yet but I will soon!

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