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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today! Chaud (Very Hot)

WOW it is hot today! last night it was the loudest thunderstorm I have ever witnessed I felt the house shake! it was like a strobe light with surround sound! the dog was barking really really loud and still I managed to fall asleep until my sister called me on skype at 4 in the morning my time! I still don't think that my friends and family have figured out that I am 8 hrs ahead! Sometimes my phone says I am online when i am sleeping!

Anyway, today I went to liege with Julliette and her 2 friends and this other kid I met who was from Africa but comes here for the hollidays! He was cool and was just like me but Marco's age 18 I met him at Marco's going away party! And the girls keep thinking I am justin bieber even though I tell them no! That's good I guess! :) anyway today was fun we walked through Liege got some Turkish food (very good fresh) and some belgium waffles (a desert here)

Haha I am loving life here! I don't start school until around another 10 days. I am excited all of my weeks are planned out with friends already I am trying to see everyone! My little brother said everyone here knows who you are, your a star, I am like cool, but I just got here? I am glad the people here are nice! I can't wait for school to start except I have no classes that I chose yet and everyone keeps asking me to choose certain ones, but I don't get to choose them, Rotary does :(

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