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Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is Life...

Yesterday Marco showed me liege and where I am going to school! My school is in the middle of the city and it is old and I think it looks big but I don't know how big just yet! Then after that he showed me around liege and where he goes with his friends. The best Frite shops (Fries) and also the best bakeries. After that he took me to go get soccer gear and we also went shopping with his mom to buy him levi's.

But today I realized that this is not just a vacation, you have to help your family and stuff! last night I went to play soccer against 30 year olds and I was really out of shape bad!

Today this morning I woke up at 12 pm and then was rushed to help my family dump some trash into the recycle station and I had to be in the city in 3 minutes by foot! I ate before so I had pain in my stomach and I had to sprint there after last night of soccer... I am sore, tired. We got there then drove to the recycle station to dump metal, snowboards, all rusty or old things and working like that was hard they were heavy and it was hot out so I was sweating like no other!

Tonight I meet with my Rotary advisers for the first time, I don't know how to feel, or even what to bring?

Tomorrow shall be extremely fun! It is my host brothers (Marco 17 almost 18) Going away party his birthday is soon I have no idea what to give him? I should have waited to give him the gifts that I brought from Colorado! shoot! Anyway I get to meet most of his friends that go to his school and also some that live close that I hang out with a lot!

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