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Monday, September 19, 2011

Waking up for school.. and my past weekend! Happy Birthday Mom!

I feel it's still very hard waking up for school on a monday morning after a big party that lasted late sunday night... but it's weird because here it's way easier for me to wake up except I'm tired in the morning but I wake up as the day goes on and everything is ok!

Anyway tonight my host dad, host mom and I went on a night walk on a trail and we saw Bats and horses and some foxes while our dog searched for animals it was actually really fun! After I showed my parents an app I have on my Iphone where you can tell which stars you are looking at and they thought that was really cool!

Last weekend was great Friday September 16, 2011 I went to Brussels for Memorial Van Damme (like the olympics but not the olympics) to watch Usain Bolt win the fasted 100m race ever!

Saturday September 17, 2011 My Mom's birthday who I sent a gift to! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I saw an amazing concert by Puggy, a Belgium band here that will make it BIG! They sound like Muse but with a different take to them...

Sunday night September 18, 2011 I saw Stromae in concert for free, he is VERY famous in Europe but not so well known in the USA. He is a DJ slash Rapper and he raps to house music and other types. The only rapper who actually is fun to listen to and not raps about sex or drugs or bust'n a cap in someone. Or at least I think he doesn't I can't really understand French but he's pretty dope...!

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