Here you will find posts about, my struggles, my thoughts, what I am doing, where I am going, cool people I have met, and just cool stuff in general I did throughout the day.

I will post daily! Also I will definitely put pictures up about very interesting things, like what I have seen, what I have done, who I have met, and other pictures!

Stay tuned and make sure to keep in contact with me and up to date on my life in Belgium as I move on into a completely different culture!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today I went to Walibi Belgium (Amusement Park South of Belgium) which is smaller than Elitches (around 1/4 the size of Elitches) with my 2nd host brother Jerome (24 almost 25) and it was really fun! Very small only 3 Roller-coasters and a tower of doom and a bunch of shops, a kids land type thing and other rides like at a small amusement park. It's the only one in Belgium because it is a small country. Disneyland Paris is not too far from here and I will get to go with my second host family! Anyway We had a great time, took the train from Esneux to Liege then Liege to Namur which is the town where it is at! It was a really nice double decker train on the way back.

Tomorrow Liege with some Belge friends and then meet up with my exchange student friends to hang out!

I start my orientation for school on thursday and I get my schedule (I picked some classes that were full so now they put me in Spanish 1 and Math and science (chemistry, biology, some other science) English which will be good practice because I help student with english and they help me with french! And other stuff... Oh, and we have 2 hours of PE a week :( In school there isn't a lot of physical education or activities but my school is HUGE! like I am talking 3 stories huge and old it is cool looking. After school I have football practice at 7 (I will be tired!)

Then Friday I meet a girl I like that goes to my school but is 17, but I meet her at Liege and she invited me to hang out later around 6pm-12am but I don't know if my parents will allow that? If not she said I could hang out with her from 3pm-6pm. All of my classes for school start Monday! All my days have been busy! I love it!!!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fun to Done...

Yesterday I had one of the best days here! I WENT ZIP LINING! Never been before but it was really amazing and I did a ropes course that really wore me out to the point of passing out but everything was good it was too extreme and I got back to my house literally done! I had soccer but I couldn't go because I was too warn out!

TODAY was great meeting all of the inbounds, outbounds, and Oldies (Exchange students who've been here for almost a year already!) We went to Brussels and walked around took some pictures and checked out their Parliament which is a mess right now! The Speaker of the House came and talked to us also! I met everyone in belgium in the rotary about! Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Columbia, and so on all the way to Venezuela! There were about 400 more or less I am bad with numbers but A LOT of people and about 80 Americans there idk but it was cool! Kinda boring just walking around and standing for 12 hours but you got used to it... Then we ate lunch which was french fries and meatballs in a nice restaurant the specialty of belgium! YUMMY!

But now I am tired and it is 9 pm here almost and were having pizza tonight for dinner :) they have a brick oven! AIGHT and tomorrow LIEGE with my friends and family. EXCITED! And a party tomorrow night and again Monday or Tuesday I think! DANG I LOVE THIS PLACE!

And now some pictures of where we went today on my Iphone because I forgot my camera...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today! Chaud (Very Hot)

WOW it is hot today! last night it was the loudest thunderstorm I have ever witnessed I felt the house shake! it was like a strobe light with surround sound! the dog was barking really really loud and still I managed to fall asleep until my sister called me on skype at 4 in the morning my time! I still don't think that my friends and family have figured out that I am 8 hrs ahead! Sometimes my phone says I am online when i am sleeping!

Anyway, today I went to liege with Julliette and her 2 friends and this other kid I met who was from Africa but comes here for the hollidays! He was cool and was just like me but Marco's age 18 I met him at Marco's going away party! And the girls keep thinking I am justin bieber even though I tell them no! That's good I guess! :) anyway today was fun we walked through Liege got some Turkish food (very good fresh) and some belgium waffles (a desert here)

Haha I am loving life here! I don't start school until around another 10 days. I am excited all of my weeks are planned out with friends already I am trying to see everyone! My little brother said everyone here knows who you are, your a star, I am like cool, but I just got here? I am glad the people here are nice! I can't wait for school to start except I have no classes that I chose yet and everyone keeps asking me to choose certain ones, but I don't get to choose them, Rotary does :(

Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is Life...

Yesterday Marco showed me liege and where I am going to school! My school is in the middle of the city and it is old and I think it looks big but I don't know how big just yet! Then after that he showed me around liege and where he goes with his friends. The best Frite shops (Fries) and also the best bakeries. After that he took me to go get soccer gear and we also went shopping with his mom to buy him levi's.

But today I realized that this is not just a vacation, you have to help your family and stuff! last night I went to play soccer against 30 year olds and I was really out of shape bad!

Today this morning I woke up at 12 pm and then was rushed to help my family dump some trash into the recycle station and I had to be in the city in 3 minutes by foot! I ate before so I had pain in my stomach and I had to sprint there after last night of soccer... I am sore, tired. We got there then drove to the recycle station to dump metal, snowboards, all rusty or old things and working like that was hard they were heavy and it was hot out so I was sweating like no other!

Tonight I meet with my Rotary advisers for the first time, I don't know how to feel, or even what to bring?

Tomorrow shall be extremely fun! It is my host brothers (Marco 17 almost 18) Going away party his birthday is soon I have no idea what to give him? I should have waited to give him the gifts that I brought from Colorado! shoot! Anyway I get to meet most of his friends that go to his school and also some that live close that I hang out with a lot!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I love Belgium!

So two nights ago I arrived and thought this place was just like Colorado but then I saw the houses and they are so pretty! I feel like I am in Italy! Yesterday I met with all of my host families and had a great time eating and laughing but not knowing anything they are saying until one of my host brothers Marco or my host father Francis translated it to me. After that we went to Liege around 8 ish and I finally got to see the part of the Belgian culture where you have fun and meet people and party! It was a huge festival celebrating Mary (Jesus's Mom) so everyone had a good time! YEP then I came back and pasted out I had a good two days so far now today I get to go to Marco's friends house to play cards and to hang out like we did yesterday on the soccer court! I brought a football and they seem to be really interested in it, but don't really know how to play or throw it! I will teach everyone soon enough I just have to get rid of my jet lag and settle in a bit! We will see what happens tonight! Yet another party in liege, I am super excited! I haven't been able to take much pictures yet but I will soon!

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