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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today I went to Walibi Belgium (Amusement Park South of Belgium) which is smaller than Elitches (around 1/4 the size of Elitches) with my 2nd host brother Jerome (24 almost 25) and it was really fun! Very small only 3 Roller-coasters and a tower of doom and a bunch of shops, a kids land type thing and other rides like at a small amusement park. It's the only one in Belgium because it is a small country. Disneyland Paris is not too far from here and I will get to go with my second host family! Anyway We had a great time, took the train from Esneux to Liege then Liege to Namur which is the town where it is at! It was a really nice double decker train on the way back.

Tomorrow Liege with some Belge friends and then meet up with my exchange student friends to hang out!

I start my orientation for school on thursday and I get my schedule (I picked some classes that were full so now they put me in Spanish 1 and Math and science (chemistry, biology, some other science) English which will be good practice because I help student with english and they help me with french! And other stuff... Oh, and we have 2 hours of PE a week :( In school there isn't a lot of physical education or activities but my school is HUGE! like I am talking 3 stories huge and old it is cool looking. After school I have football practice at 7 (I will be tired!)

Then Friday I meet a girl I like that goes to my school but is 17, but I meet her at Liege and she invited me to hang out later around 6pm-12am but I don't know if my parents will allow that? If not she said I could hang out with her from 3pm-6pm. All of my classes for school start Monday! All my days have been busy! I love it!!!


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