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Monday, September 5, 2011

Random words... FUNNY!....

Oh and another thing words here are WAY DIFFERENT!

"Douche" = shower here (first day my mom here said do you want to douche... I was like, no I am definately good, and she thought I didn't ever want to take showers here???? HAHAHA)

"Perservatives" = Condoms (don't ask me how or why?)

"Je Suis chaud" - (which when translated I am hot as in temperature) Here it means I am horny... I made that mistake a couple times and my family corrected me.

"Je suis bonne" - I am good (no it means I am ready for sex)

YES! the culture here is a lot more laid back and liberal, sex jokes all the time and nobody cares. Young or old make jokes its just a conversation starter I guess hahaha :) anyway a random word fact!

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