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Monday, September 5, 2011

Random words... FUNNY!....

Oh and another thing words here are WAY DIFFERENT!

"Douche" = shower here (first day my mom here said do you want to douche... I was like, no I am definately good, and she thought I didn't ever want to take showers here???? HAHAHA)

"Perservatives" = Condoms (don't ask me how or why?)

"Je Suis chaud" - (which when translated I am hot as in temperature) Here it means I am horny... I made that mistake a couple times and my family corrected me.

"Je suis bonne" - I am good (no it means I am ready for sex)

YES! the culture here is a lot more laid back and liberal, sex jokes all the time and nobody cares. Young or old make jokes its just a conversation starter I guess hahaha :) anyway a random word fact!

First Day of School:

Today was not what I was expecting. I have a different schedule everyday.

MONDAY: (Lundi)
- Biology (already learned all of it)
- Math (Uh yeah.... Calculus... so hard)
- French
-Religion (with a guy who randomly shouts it is a bit like Turrets)
~LUNCH~ (1 hour I get to walk around Liege)
- English (DIFFICULT! It is British english which is REALLY different! It's fun listening to the class speak it though and today I gave a presentation on where I come from how its like back in the USA, my personality, and so on...)
- History (cool teacher but I almost fell asleep)
- English AGAIN!
- Off period

There are 8 Periods in a day school starts at 8:20 but I have to ride the train to get to it because it is in liege so I still have to get up at 6-6:30 or less to get ready. School ends different each day. Today we ended at 4 pm. Each class is 1 hr long and WE DON'T CHANGE CLASSES, we sit in the same class all day long (except for language class) We have a 20 minute break at 10 am and lunch at 12-1 and then another break at 3 or so. My school is 4 stories tall it is HUGE bigger than 3 of fossil ridges.

TUESDAY: (Mardi)
- Physics
- Geography
- Spanish
- French
- Religion
- Spanish AGAIN
- Math
- OFF period
I end at 4 pm again

WEDNESDAY: (Mercredi)
- English
- Spanish
- Math
- Sociology
END! HALF DAY ON WEDNESDAYS!!! We end at noon!

- Gym (we only have 2 hrs of physical activity a week no school sports here just academics. also no school spirit day or our school television station) (Ridge TV)
- Gym again
- Sociology (I don't even know what that is?)
- Spanish
- Geography
- French
END! I end at 3 pm today!

FRIDAY: (Vendredi) "friday, friday getting down on friday, everybody's looking forward to the weekend... ??" (seriously school is strict here, no hats, no cellphones they call gsm, no ipods, and eye contact at all times! So We are looking forward to the weekend because all the students are partying) (Belgians don't know who Rebecca Black is???!!!)
- Math
- French
- English
- History
- Sociology
- Sociology TWICE!??
- Chemistry
END! at 4pm then straight to liege with friends to celebrate the weekend! :) which they call holidays every break its "oh what are you doing for your holidays?"

This is what my class room and my "class" for the year  (group of students around 20 students) (our grade (5) has around 250 students and there are 6 grades here 1 through 6 it begins at 12 and ends at 18 so thats around 1500 students more or less) I got in trouble for taking my phone out to take this picture too! this is my math teacher... strict!!!!

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