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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brussels... Chyeah!

So yeah good night in brussels for one of my oldies birthday he's from Australia and is sad because the Kiwis lost in the Rugby World Cup but now the final match is tomorrow and its the All Blacks (New Zealand) and France... Rugby is huge here in Belgium. And everyone is excited and I am starting to understand Rugby now a little and also I am developing an accent a little british because they speak with a british accent here they learn british english "mum" for example sooooo kinda a bit hard for me eh? But its all good cuz I could have not asked for better friends in my life!!!! FUNNIEST, BEST, NICEST, MOST FUN PEOPLE you could ever be with! I LOVE BELGIUM!

Last night I went to liege to hang out with a lot of my friends and it was really fun! yeh soooo. and Today I went to brussels to celebrate my friends 19th birthday and there was about 35 people there just for him hah i can't wait for my birthday talk about one big party :) with soda. sooo yeah and also good night thats all I can really explain good night idk just fun chilling out walking around Brussels eating chocolate covered waffles with strawberries and bananas and whipped cream.

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